The picture is the most surprising image that I have ever seen before. It looks like the water level has become so high at the point that everything is under seawater. I can not image what it would be like been the witness of the power of the nature. However, it is amazing how Mother Nature can easily erase a whole city created by the human beings. Just seen the water level almost covering a completely highway make the buildings don\'t look tall anymore. The force of the sea has taken everything cars, homes, people, animals haven been swept away. In the background of the picture, it is still possible to see the powerful, blue giant sending another wave into the foam city.\r\n\r\nIt would be very difficult go through a natural disaster. It is sad the fact that many people didn\'t have the time and the resources to leave before everything happen.\r\n\r\nWhen New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina, it was possible to see clearly the behavior of the people going through a crisis, the North American community, and the international community. It was very motivated seen the solidarity of many people in a difficult moment like this. Even Cuba and Venezuela that are consider no friendly countries because of the political differences were ready to help. However, there were few people that took advantages of this disaster instead of help. I still think that the USA government could be more efficient. \r\n\r\nI am pretty sure that many terrible things happen and we don\'t even image, however, what happen after Katrina would stay in New Orleans and in the minds of all people that survive this fatal disaster.\r\n


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