Translating Bush\'s Speech As He Cuts His Long Vacation Short


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

In California, the President said, \"We have got a lot of work to do.\"\r\n(Can\'t I stay here at the ranch? My brush clearing isn\'t through.)\r\n\r\n\"Our hearts and prayers are with our citizens along the Gulf Coast.\"\r\n(Liberals love Cindy, but real Americans like me most.)\r\n\r\n\"We know that many are anxious to return to their homes.\"\r\n(The Peace Mom\'s supporters look like garden gnomes.)\r\n\r\n\"{We\'re}working side-by-side to get people back on their feet.\"\r\n(I sure loved drinkin\' bourbon when I went to Bourbon Street.)\r\n\r\n\"Good folks are going to need help and compassion and prayers.\"\r\n(All our money\'s in Iraq, I can\'t help \'em with repairs.)



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