Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita caused many unforgettable moments and feelings in countless peoples\' lives. You did not have to be a victim of the storm or know someone that was for these two catastrophic, category 5 hurricanes to make an impact on your life. Obviously the physical impacts were noticed right away. Seeing all of your possessions and life long accumulations float down the street and your house a mere pile of toothpicks and rubble is heart wrenching. However, the mental impacts can only set in after the storm has occurred and when one has the time to think and to reflect on what could be gained from such a horrendous loss. \r\nYou begin to realize what you had and that possessions mean hardly anything as long as you have your life. Life is not about owning objects but living it to the fullest and loving with all you have. Having a good heart is more important than any material object can hold. Memories mean more than pictures or souvenirs, and nothing can take those away. \"You can spend your whole life building something from nothing, and in a moment it can all be blown away, but we must remember to \"build it anyway.\" Not only must the victims of the hurricanes be reminded of this, but everyone else can take from this too. Even if you think you were not in any way affected by Katrina or Rita, you actually were. These storms remind us of what we DO have and should be grateful: life, families, friends, loved ones, and happiness. We do not need any material good to make us happy, and that\'s what life should be about. Also we must appreciate each other. Take the time to help someone else. Whether it be something small like holding the door, or smiling to a complete stranger, it feels way better to the other person than a frown or door in the face. We are all in this together and need each others help to survive. It should not take something drastic like this to happen in order for strangers to unite for a cause. There is plenty we can all be doing to make the world happier and a better place to live. We already own everything that we need to succeed and live. \r\n


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