I do not watch the news...I\'m a full time student and was studying like a mad woman. My dad called me around midnight on the Friday before Katrina hit and told me to get a bag packed and fill my car up with gas. I asked him why and he said \"Do you watch the weather at all? We have a category 4 hurricane headed right towards us. We need to get out of town asap\". I thought it was going to be just like all of the other scares--like Georges and Ivan, so I packed a bag with 2 outfits and a toothbrush. I really thought we\'d be back on Sunday as we had the year before. We ended up spending 6 weeks in Destin, FL with 4 dogs and eleven people in a 3 bedroom condo. We put the kids in schools there and got temporary jobs. Then it looked like I\'d have to go to school at the University of Western Florida...then UNO said we\'d have internet classes available, so I knew I had to stick it out.\r\nThings have gotten better but we will always have the scars, unfortunately.


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