I like many others lost my home and everything else in Hurricane Katrina. My family and i headed to Florida when it was time to evacuate. We ended up staying at a motle in Panama City for awhile. Once we were faced with the fact that going home would not be an option for a while and money was getting low we had to find somewhere else to stay. My mother contacted a friend of the family who was living in Orlando Fl and asked if our family of five could come stay with her. Not only did she not hesitate for a minute but she contacted her church to see if they could help. After losing everything we were so fortunate to find these wonderful people. A member of First United Methodist Church of Winter Park gave us a house to stay in rent free for six months. The church also gave us clothes, furniture, and food. Although it was hard, scary, and uncertain time we were blessed to find the wonderful people of First United Methodist Church of Winter Park.


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