Holy Cross

I am a New Orleans resident who at an early age was affected by Hurricane Katrina. I was fortunate not to lose loved ones or even my home, but one thing I did lose was a place that my family and I loved. Holy Cross High School which I graduated and so did much of my family was lost in the Lower Ninth Ward with the flooding after Katrina. Holy Cross formed in 1849 had never been moved from 4950 Dauphine until 2007. The old campus was recognized as a historic building and all of this was taken from many boys in one of the longest standing high schools in this city we call home. Yes Holy Cross has moved since to 5500 Paris Avenue with a brand new state of the art campus, but the thing about being a Holy Cross Man and Holy Cross as it is today, you will never forget where you came from and how you got there. Holy Cross lives on tradition and will die by tradition, honoring those who created this great school and those who are responsible for turning boys into Holy Cross Men.


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