Hurricane Zone


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

See me\r\nI am naked\r\nto the world today\r\nAs all\r\nhas been stripped away\r\nWithin hours\r\nmy life is gone\r\nI need the strength\r\nto carry on\r\n\r\nHear me\r\nAs I cry out loud\r\nOne in hundreds\r\nof this homeless crowd\r\nWithin days\r\nmy life torn to shreds\r\nNowhere for us\r\nto lay our tired heads\r\n\r\nFeel me\r\nAs this could be you\r\nMother Nature takes charge\r\nof what we do\r\nThe human element\r\nof our lives is spent\r\nWe are lost inside\r\nof this tragic event\r\n\r\nTouch me\r\nAs I live in pain\r\nSo much lost\r\nit seems insane\r\nDoors closed\r\nto my constant plea\r\nBow your heads\r\nand pray for me\r\n\r\nShow me\r\nThat your love is near\r\nOr I should die\r\ninside my fear\r\nWithin minutes\r\nI stood alone\r\nAmong so many\r\nin this hurricane zone



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