Circle, Inc. was founded by Mr. Monroe J. Wolfe, Sr. in 1960.

In the early years, Circle, Inc. was primarily devoted to dredging and heavy construction related to marine work. Such work continues.

Circle, Inc. handles many types of heavy construction, including, but not limited to levee construction, levee slope paving, flood walls and flood gates of all types, dredging, canal construction (including concrete slope paving and flumes), large box culverts, heavy municipal piping of all types and many more types of heavy construction. Most of our work is obtained through open bid with Parish, State and US Government agencies such as the US Army Corp of Engineers.

Circle, Inc. has completed projects all over Louisiana as well as in Mississippi and Texas. Circle, Inc. was named contractor of the year in 1998 by the Vicksburg District of the US Army Corp of Engineers for a Pearl River restoration project in Walkiah Bluff, Mississippi. In order to view 102 images documenting such work, use the keyword kmpyburn as a search term in the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank database's search engine. This collection was assembled by Keith Pyburn during a spring 2008 University of New Orleans class titled Creating a Katrina Archive.