My Story\r\n\r\nI\'ve lived the last 15 years of my life in Honduras, an underdeveloped country. In 1990 we received a visit, not really a good visit; Hurricane Mitch had come to say hi. Hurricane Mitch made a lot of damage in all the country; many countries came to help with food, medicine, doctors, etc... I live in a place called El Progreso where we had a big river called \"Rio Ulua\" which made it even harder now that it overflowed. Thank God I lived in a 6 floor tall building where the flood did not reach. My family and I stayed for about 4 days to one week at home now that the street was full of rain and objects that the rain misplaced at night. Many families had their houses totally destroyed and had to look for help from many organizations or Hospitals. Honduras is still in the process of reconstruction now because it lacks a lot of money. The people who live there and the government have not been able to bring Honduras back up or make it even a better country to live in. \r\nThe day Katrina hit New Orleans my mom was going there to give birth to my baby sister Alice. She left home very early and when I saw her coming in the door again I was shocked and asked what happened and she told me that she was leaving to Miami instead of New Orleans. I asked my dad why the sudden change and he told me hurricane Katrina just hit New Orleans and they just closed the airport. For about 4 hours my mom was contacting some doctors in Miami one of her friend recommended. Now that I came to study to The University of New Orleans I have seen the disasters Katrina made, but thank God USA has the money and the initiative to fix this beautiful place, unlike Honduras, where we have still not recovered from Hurricane Mitch.\r\n


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