English as a Second Language

Akemi Minomiya\r\nDelgado ESL\r\nJapan native\r\nProfessor Yadira Diaz\r\n\r\n\r\n Delgado has had a huge change after Hurricane Katrina. Only four buildings are opened and the total number of students has decreased. Besides, the library and computer rooms are still closed. This is very unfortunate. On the other hand, the number of ESL students has increased after Hurricane Katrina because the only ESL programs in New Orleans which reopened were Delgado and UNO. After Hurricane Katrina, some ESL students transferred to schools in other states and some unwillingly\r\n went back to their home countries. However, after the New Year\'s, as soon as they heard about schools\' reopening, they came back to New Orleans. Therefore, students who wanted to study English in New Orleans had to choose between Delgado and UNO. As \r\na result, both ESL programs became bigger than before Hurricane Katrina. While many classes at Delgado and other universities have decreased for some reasons, such as lack of teachers or lack of students, fortunately, the number of ESL students in Delgado has increased. This is a bright spot among the misfortunes of Hurricane Katrina. Although there are many students in each class, we have to thank ESL teachers for being able to study again.\r\n\r\n


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