English as a Second Language

Mahmoud Ahmed \r\nDelgado ESL\r\nFall 2006\r\nMs. Nixon (instructor)\r\n\r\nHours before hurricane Katrina \r\n\r\n\r\nMy friend and I experienced a horrible time an hours before hurricane Katrina had slammed New Orleans. One day I was told by an old man about Hurricane Bitsy which occurred in the sixties , and how much the devastation was , but I never imagined that such a massive hurricane and a lot of devastation would happen again. In spit of all calls that warned people to evacuate and to leave town my friend and I decided not to leave. I wasn\'t worried because my wife and my son were out the town visiting here parents in Chicago. My friend and I prepared almost every thing such as : food, water, flash lights, and play cards. At the night the weather started changing dramatically. We started to feel worried. By IO \'clock my friend talked about leaving. I disagreed, \"it\'s too late, so we can\'t leave,\" I said. The news were talking about the weather that had become seriously severe , so that my friend decided to leave \" If you don\'t want to leave you could stay,\" he said. My friend insisted on leaving. He was able to convince me not to stay. Quickly we loaded the car of the important things. Then, we had left the house to Baton Rouge. That night was darker than any one before. The streets were empty. No one was walking or driving but us. The city seemed to me just like a city of ghosts. Both of us became scared, \"if any bad thing happened to us no one would help us \" I said \"let\'s go back home,\" yet my friend didn\'t reply to me. More over he kept speeding up. I was panic of leaving late and from the strong wind that was blowing the car. I looked at my friend he was sweating. He seemed to me that he was extremely anxious and terrified too, but what to do was the question. I realized that changing the conversation and the atmosphere in the car would be nice , so I started making jokes. Whiten almost an hour and half we had been in Baton Rouge. People who was waiting for us felt relieved, and we exhaled. My friend and I experienced such a hard time hours before hurricane Katrina. When we arrived to Baton Rouge we had thanked God million of time for our sanity. \r\n\r\n\r\n11/2/2006 \r\n




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