Some other things that happened as a result of this event...

\r\nThis post (\r\nwas picked up by major news outlets around the world - which is interesting, as out of the thousands of posts I\'ve made, it\'s the one in which I really didn\'t say anything.\r\nAllman & Smash discovered my blog through the coverage I was getting from news outlets and other blogs. Since then, I\'ve become part of their Blog Battalion\r\nI wouldn\'t wish a day like that on anyone. It was sweltering - temperature above 100 - and emotions were running high. I\'ve spoken to many who made similar trips and most have vowed to ride the next one out. Personally, I\'d probably just leave sooner.\r\nIt\'s interesting to go back and read historical accounts of events like this. It\'s another thing to go back and read your own personal accounts of having lived through it.\r\n\r\n\r\nOriginally posted:\r\n



“Some other things that happened as a result of this event...,” Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, accessed May 27, 2022,