Marshall Plan and Katrina


History Department, UNO

University of New Orleans History Department Chair Gunter Bischof soon after the flooding of the city began to compare and contrast New Orleans post-Katrina rebuilding and European post-World War II reconstruction efforts. In April 2006, Dr. Bischof, along with Dr. Allan Millett, Director of the UNO Eisenhower Center for American Studies, and The National World War II Museum organized a one-day symposium: \"Lessons from the Past for the Rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast: The Marshall Plan and the Reconstruction of Postwar Europe.\" Nationally and internationally renowned scholars of the Marshall Plan debated with a member of the Governor Kathleen Blanco\'s \"Louisiana Recovery Authority.\" The event was held at The National D-Day Museum. A summary of the symposium is attached.\r\n


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