[SHN] REMINDER: Student Trips Call TONIGHT 11/8/06


Meeting Minutes and Agendas

\r\nFrom: shn_info-bounces@lists.studenthurricanenetwork.org on behalf of Agnieszka McPeak\r\nSent: Wed 11/8/2006 2:59 PM\r\nTo: shn_info@lists.studenthurricanenetwork.org\r\n\r\nCc: liaisons@studenthurricanenetwork.org\r\n\r\nSubject: [SHN] REMINDER: Student Trips call TONIGHT\r\nAttachments: The Matching Process Workflow and JobDivision.doc‎(43KB)‎ \r\n \r\nHey SHN all stars,\r\n \r\nWe\'ll be having a very important student trips call tonight. The call-in info is below. Also, I\'ve attached the brainstorm of workflow and job divisions for the matching process. We\'ll use this doc on the call tonight, so feel free to look it over if you have a chance. \r\n \r\nThanks to all who\'ve expressed interest in helping with student trips. We\'re ready to dive in with specific, important tasks and can use all the volunteers possible in whatever capacity you can offer. \r\n \r\nThanks again and I look forward to talking to y\'all tonight!\r\n \r\nAgnieszka McPeak\r\nTulane, 3L\r\nSTUDENT TRIPS: The Matching Process\r\nWednesday, November 8th 7:30PM CST/ 8:30PM EST\r\n


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