[SHN] SHN Caucus Minutes


Meeting Minutes and Agendas

From: shn_info-bounces@lists.studenthurricanenetwork.org on behalf of morgan williams\r\nSent: Thu 11/2/2006 10:28 PM\r\nTo: shn_info@lists.studenthurricanenetwork.org\r\n\r\nCc: \r\nSubject: [SHN] SHN Caucus Minutes\r\nAttachments: SHN_GATHERING_MINUTES_10-20-06.doc‎(95KB)‎ \r\n\r\n\r\nDear SHN Leadership,\r\n\r\nIt is hard to believe that it has only been two weeks since so many of us convened in DC to discuss SHN activities, to evaluate what we have been up to and assess next steps. Lauren compiled the notes from the\r\nflip charts and the minutes that Courtney and Allison took during our caucus meeting, and they are attached to this email. This weekend, I am going to comb through these notes and identify any items that require action steps or further discussion. If folks have thoughts/reactions in\r\nthe meantime, feel free to share them with this list.\r\n\r\nLooking forward to talking soon,\r\nMorgan\r\n\r\n


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