Group picture, New Orleans, LA, 1983: Monique & Jacques Guichard (twins), Myrna Evangalista Guichard (right, the twins\' mother), Castillie Minor Guichard (on left), Michelle Guichard (Teddy\'s daughter, in white blouse and black shorts), Vincent Guichard (in a white shirt and cap), Theodore A. Guichard, Jr., VSAF, Bruce Guichard (Teddy\'s son), Andre Guichard (black cap), Troy Guichard (right, Teddy\'s son, white tee shirt, shorts, cap).\r\n\r\nThe ancestors of Evelyn Minor\'s late husband, Clinton Joseph Minor, were long-time residents of Fazendeville. Evelyn Minor now lives with her family in Los Angeles.\r\n


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