Needs assessment forms from evacuees seeking assistance from the Acadiana Outreach Center. \r\n\r\nBelow is a summary of their 2005 Hurricane Recovery Efforts\r\n\r\n *\r\n Served over 6,000 evacuees\r\n *\r\n Employed 41 evacuees to help other evacuees and enlist assistance of 319 volunteers\r\n *\r\n Helped 399 households (1,017 people) access housing, employment, transportation, medical needs with case management and financial assistance through the Center\'s \"Transitional Recovery Action Center for Katrina/Rita\" (T.R.A.C.K.)\r\n *\r\n Households served through TRACK include 70% displaced by Katrina, 30% impacted by Hurricane Rita\r\n *\r\n Gave 730,000 lbs of food, water, personal supplies to 4,576 evacuees\r\n (value of goods given to evacuees: a staggering $1.56 million)\r\n *\r\n Helped 1,656 households (5,796 evacuees) access financial aid


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