NWT-Canal Breach and Credits.mp4


Deaf Government Area: Touring the Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans

\r\nIn leaving the neighborhood, the tour travels closer to the breach, making the vast scope of the devastation even more evident. However, rebuilding efforts continue, and much progress has been made since June 2006. One of the highlights of the recovery process has been the opening of a weekly Saturday afternoon public market in the Ninth Ward. <br>For more information about the market, visit the Downtown Neighborhood Market Consortium website:\r\nhttp://www.dnmc.org/ <br>\r\n\r\nFor more information about Greta Gladney\'s Renaissance Project, visit their website:\r\n(http://therenaissanceproject.la/contact/)\r\n\r\n(To view the video, double click the above link, or download it by right clicking on a PC or control click on a Mac to open with a media player of your choice that can view MP4 files.)


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