NWT-Greta\'s Evacuation Story.mp4


Deaf Government Area: Touring the Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans

\r\nGreta\'s evacuation story reveals how complicated the decision whether or not to leave the city in advance of a hurricane can be for New Orleanians. Greta\'s sense of responsibility towards her mother, who refused to leave her Lower Ninth Ward home, caused Greta, her son, her fiancee, and her father to remain in the city. Greta waited out the hurricane in a Mid City apartment building in order to be closer to her mother in case the worst were to happen.\r\n\r\n\r\n(To view the video, double click the above link, or download it by right clicking on a PC or control click on a Mac to open with a media player of your choice that can view MP4 files.)


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