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Jeff Chauppetta, age 53, resident of St. Bernard Parish, in Belair Cemetery after Katrina\r\n\r\nThe first set of images are of the Belair Cemetery, on the East side of the Mississippi in Plaquimines Parish. The cemetery once belonged to the Diamond family, who had a plantation home on the property adjacent to where the cemetery is. Is is said that slaves are buried there and also Jeff Chauppetta\'s grandfather, Salvadore Chaupetta. In 1980 Jeff Chauppetta visited the cemetery with his father to learn more about his grandfather\'s life. His grandfather\'s tomb was the only remaining one in the Belair Cemetery. In 2000 Jeff began cleaning up his grandfather\'s gravesite and served as the unofficial caretaker of the cemetery until Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005.\r\n


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