Tears & Fears


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

I see your sadness, your grief and pain,\r\nYour lives destroyed by the wind and rain\r\n\r\nMother Nature dealt a heavy blow\r\nThe levees failed and the water rose\r\n\r\nNo where to run or to hide\r\nA city in ruins, many have died\r\n\r\nThe shock of uncertainty and disbelief\r\nHunger and thirst with no relief\r\n\r\nThe heat takes a toll and all we can see\r\nAre your tears and fears across the T.V.\r\n\r\nMany heroes rush in from the sky\r\nTo rescue people trapped inside\r\n\r\nFeeling helpless, there is nothing we can do\r\nBut to pray to God that they will rescue you\r\n\r\nTens of thousands with nowhere to go\r\nTrapped in this city where the water flowed\r\n\r\nDays pass with no relief in sight\r\nNo food or drink for days and nights\r\n\r\nEyes filled with tears, faces express such fear\r\nDestruction and devastation is everywhere\r\n\r\nThis is no dream; horror is before our eyes\r\nHunger, thirst, pain and cries!\r\n\r\nThe life of a city has been drowned by water\r\nA frantic father searches for his daughter\r\n\r\nFrightened children cling to their mothers\r\nSisters forever separated from their brothers\r\n\r\nSo many lives destroyed, hundreds are lost\r\nA human tragedy, a tremendous cost\r\n\r\nAfter many days help finally arrives\r\nMany good loving people rush in to save lives\r\n\r\nFive days of living hell that felt like years\r\nEndless sorrow and lasting fears\r\nSo many eyes dripping with tears\r\n



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