Hurricane Katrina will be an event that I will never forget in my lifetime. The images have left an indelible mark in my head. I can\'t even fathom the amount of pain that the residents of New Orleans have had to endure. Seeing people stranded on the top of houses, and people crammed into the SuperDome was unbelievable. It seems that the U.S. response time to Katrina was slow, at best. Although Katrina was a catastrophic storm that hit a city that couldn\'t handle a Category 4 storm, I believe that both local and federal authorities failed in response to the storm. Many people died in the SuperDome due to lack of water and food, which is unacceptable. There should have been a way to at the very least to provide essential materials to the people in the SuperDome. FEMA failed to do the job that they are responsible for. Mayor Nagin also did a poor job of coordinating an effective help plan for his city\'s residents. The aftermath of Katrina was very disturbing. Seeing people looting stores and shooting at helicopters was crazy. I can understand people looting stores that had materials that were needed in these dire times, but people were stealing everthing that could get their hands on. It was really amazing to see how people acted in these times. The fact that Hurricane Katrina happened in one of the poorest and uneduacted districts in America made things much worse. Many residents lacked the adequate financial resources to leave town, and thus decdied to try and stick out the storm which proved to be a fatal mistake by many people. I think people underestimated the impact of this storm. There was an emergency evacuation alert that I\'m sure most residents knew about, but I think that no one anticipated the storm to do this much damage. As a result,there was massive loss of life, uncomparable to any other natural disaster in recent U.S. history. Our country and the world should learn from this disaster, and take steps in ensuring that the proper procedures are in tact to provide the best outcomes in these situations. Mother Nature can be very deadly, and it is certain that more disasters will occur. So when remembering Katrina, I will look at it as an unfortunate event where many lives could have been saved, but weren\'t due to a lack of cental planning.


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