Iam living here in monroe la in fema tariler\'s on hwy 80 eastt 69 mile\'s form vickberg missippi that\'s were they put me and my family.witch me my daugther and five of her children we are living in this place call the doddle k the white people call us black niggers and they don\'t want niggers from new orleans living in there town and that we sould have die down there and they are giving our kids such a hard time in school like they want let them pass to the next gread like my granddugther they lold me she had to go the summer school and they would let her go to next gread but they didn\'t they keep her back in the frist gread agin because she had S+ and this was after we came here from katrina.we wound like to come back home but there is no help for us could you please us


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