Hurrican Wilma hit us on Monday Oct 24. It raged on for only 6 hours.It seemed like an eternity. My entire life changed in those 6 hours. We lost power early and the only thing I had was a small battery operated radio, but luckily my phone worked. When we could finally go outside eveything was destroyed. Every tree and power pole was down. Buildings were destroyed. My apartment complex looked destroyed and it was. Two days later we were told the building was going to be condemned. We were giving a few hours to get everything we hcould and get out. I loaded up my little Hyundai Accent with me, my wife, daughter, son and and dog and whatever else could fit in my car and headed north to Rhode Island where my brother lives. My car broke down in Hopewell,Va and we were stuck there for a week also. FEMA was no help they said they had to got into the apartment to inspect it in order to reimburse me so I could get furniture but since the building was condemned they weren\'t allowed inside so I got nothing. Thank you very much US Government for helping me out. I finally got an apartment of my own up here but to this day I still haven\'t been able to get back to where I was. I feel like the Government which I used to trust did something bad to me. I hear about all of these people getting thousands of dollars and they didn\'t lose nearly what I did and I get mad.A year and a half later I am still mad about this. Where is the justice?


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