Portrait & Narrative of Elliot


Post-Katrina Portraits, Francesco

Charcoal portrait of Elliot. Elliot\'s narrative covers 3 pages. Text begins: \"I never knew anything about New Orleans before I came down here, besides that it was the birthplace of jazz and Mardi Gras is a big party...\"\r\nAs Common Ground volunteer he stayed at St. Mary of the Angels, Survivors\' Village (St. Bernard Project), and in Mississippi. Describes conversation with former a OPP prisoner, a Black Muslim who lost all his tools in the flood, an old man in Mississippi who could only offer prayers for his housegutters. Mentions a New Orleans man who felt so unwelcome in Houston that he cried when talking about it.


“Portrait & Narrative of Elliot,” Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, accessed June 17, 2024, https://hurricanearchive.org/items/show/26763.