Hurricane Katrina was definately an alarming catastrophe for many people, especially for those directly effected by it. This hurricane brought a disaster to a lot of the communities by crashing down houses and killing many people, leaving many homeless. Looking at the pictures on this website and the families that suffered because of their loss, I am deeply saddened. However, I think that the communities effected by Hurricane Katrina are getting a great deal of help in recovering.\r\n\r\nOne particular organization that helped with this rebuilding effort is known as Operation Home Delivery. This was a Habitat for Humanity\'s hurricane-response program that reached out to low-income hurricane-affected families in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabma to build permanent housing. One great deed this organization did was partner with the Church World Service to fund and repair 500 homes that had low-income families for over two years. About 90 cents of every dollar from designated funds raised by Habitat has gone to program costs, land acquisition, development and construction materials. Another remarkable fact I found in the Habitat for Humanity\'s website was a list of affiliates and their number of houses built before versus after hurricane. In Louisiana, 8 houses were built pre-hurricane versus a great increase of 81 houses built post-hurricane. In New Orleans, 10 houses were built pre-hurricane versus a total of 76 houses built post-hurricane. This just further shows proof of how this organization\'s work is greatly helping people to recover from their dramatic loss. My condolences and prayers go out to those who went through this tramatic tragedy.


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