Medical Assistance, one physician\'s account


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Notes prepared by LanceHill: <br>\r\nThis is an account of a physician stranded at the Ritz Hotel on Canal Street who set up a clinic at the Sheraton for the police and then ended up treating people at the center. I know the officer Bryson that Dr. Henderson refers to. Once again the commanders of the NOPD were obviously getting reports that it was safe for medical personnel to work at the center. I don\'t think the fact that he did triage there has much bearing on whether or not a relief blockade existed. From Dumas\'s report and this one it sounds like the NOPD was not stopping anyone as long as they were willing to help them--that was the same thing my friend who ran the LSU clinics reported--that they were set up for the police and military but he did his best to get out to the community. This fits into the report that when Nagin was asked about people not getting aid at the convention center he said \"that\'s FEMA.\" It would also explain why Nagin went on television Thursday night demanding aid. The relief blockade was, as the reports indicate, an arrangement between FEMA, the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security, and the Louisiana National guard. This would explain why relief workers and supplies were being stopped by the military troops and why the guard kept the Red Cross out. \r\n


“Medical Assistance, one physician\'s account,” Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, accessed April 14, 2024,