National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association, Katrina images


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Lance Hill notes:<br>\r\nThis is where some of the bloggers are getting the images of the \"white evacuation\" from Algiers. I think at some point I will give all these links to Bennie Thompson who runs the house homeland security committee. The issue here is not a \"witch hunt\" but this: <br>how did resources get allocated in such a way that dying people were left to die while city, state, federal, and military resources were being used to evacuate healthy but uncomfortable people (who happened to be white)?<br>--and more importantly, <b>how must we change the Emergency plan to make sure people are not deliberately starved and that resources are allocated fairly in future catastrophes?</b>\r\n


“National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association, Katrina images,” Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, accessed June 19, 2024,