Algiers Ferry


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Excerpted from an October 2005, Danville, Kentucky, newspaper interview with a woman who waited near the Algiers Ferry Terminal for more than two days to be evacuated:<p>\r\nBurris, her two children, the couple and their mother loaded up in the van and drove to the Algiers ferry where the Army was rescuing families.\r\n\"There were many people under the bridge waiting for rescue teams. We slept under the bridge waiting for the buses to rescue them. But the buses didn\'t come,\" she said.She had heard rumors that bus drivers were being killed and the buses taken. \r\nShe was stuck there in despair for two days. The kids had no idea what was going on. Her daughter said to her, \"I want to go home,\" Burris recalls, her eyes swelling with tears which she gently wipes away.\r\nThey ate food off of a homemade brick barbecue pit. Sticks were used instead of charcoal. But the food and water was running out. \"It was not enough,\" Burris said. The full article is available via the link.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


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