Tin Can Phones by Elizabeth Underwood

tin can phones_d216d07536.JPG


Tin can \"telephones,\" cascade from a first-floor window of 2426 Bradish Place as part of an artwork by Elizabeth Underwood on May 19, 2007.\r\n\r\n The artist wrote: \"Tin can phones work. Pull the string taut enough and you can hear clearly, though it\'s like listening to a poem - elusive, intuitive. I made 75 of them and pulled them through the broken window pane where people used to do drug deals. Honoring the work Michelle and Clay are doing by renovating this house, inviting something new to be said, to be heard. The LED lights on magnets inside the tin cans are homemade, simple, gumdrops of pretty color - communication in and of itself is a bit of magic like that.\"


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