3100 Block Chartres


Maxx Sizeler

Comment card by Amy Wilson created in reponse to an art exhibit by Maxx Sizeler at 2426 Bradish Place on May 19, 2007.\r\n\r\nComplete text: \"The week after the storm the block behind my house caught fire. All weekend the TV news showed shots of a big black cloud of smoke enveloping the row of fruit and vegetable market warehouses as they burned and burned. They caught fire when the 100s of small propane canisters that had been sitting in a corner exploded, spontaneous combustion. When we came back, one block away, neighbors long my street fround the burned remains of the canisters that had become airborne and hurled thru their roofs. I have 2 shards of the canisters, one that looks like a metal mask. Others have the seared brand of a flaming canister as it hit their floors. Luckily, the fire only took one black behind us, not our houses. By: Amy Wilson\"\r\n\r\n\"NEIGHBORHOODS: 2426 BRADISH PLACE\" was a multidisciplinary installation, the third in a series, that took place in the gutted ground floor of the home of Michelle Levine and Clay Thomas on May 19th, 2007. Michelle is an artist who is currently rebuilding her house and studio in the Tulane/Gravier neighborhood. Through the use of interviews with neighbors, soundscapes, live music, drawing, photography, and sculpture, this event confronted the range of issues the community is experiencing as they revitalize this neighborhood.\r\n\r\n


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