Funeral Home


Maxx Sizeler

Anonymous comment card written in response to an exhibit by artist Maxx Sizeler at 2426 Bradish Place on May 19, 2007.\r\n\r\nComplete text of card: \"They tore down the funeral home finally--the one next to the bayou. That thing sat there for a year (more?) after being flooded. Nothing like a flooded funeral home to get you thinking--what was left in there? Moldy empty caskets floating around, luck [?] in and unable to go out on the bayou and leave this earth. Chemicals? Probably formaldehyde mixed with flood water from my house. Bodies, hopefully not. I was glad to see it go. Until I talked to a guy on the bayou--he was really sad it was gone. After some disbelief I asked why. He had many friends and relatives who he said goodbye to there.\"\r\n\r\n\"NEIGHBORHOODS: 2426 BRADISH PLACE\" was a multidisciplinary installation, the third in a series, that took place in the gutted ground floor of the home of Michelle Levine and Clay Thomas on May 19th, 2007. Michelle is an artist who is currently rebuilding her house and studio in the Tulane/Gravier neighborhood. Through the use of interviews with neighbors, soundscapes, live music, drawing, photography, and sculpture, this event confronted the range of issues the community is experiencing as they revitalize this neighborhood.\r\n


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