The FBI set up a FBI taxk force hot line to report anyone or companies that were committing FRAUD. I report the fraud to the hot line of that fact that my company, Harrah\'s Entertainment were denying me donations that were give to the company to be given to the hurricane victims/employess of Harrah\'s entertainment. \r\n\r\nThe hotline was misused by Jim Letten, alleged U. S. Attorney in New Orleans, LA and Charles Foti, Louisiana Attorney General. They misused taxpayers dollars for advertisement space on TV and instructed the public ro report Fraud, \"CONTRACTOR FRAUD.\" Fraud is fraud and they should have encouraged all fraud, not just contractor fraud. It appears that they only wanted to prosecute contractors. \r\n\r\nHarrah\'s Entertainment brings in millions of dollars of revenue to the State of Louisiana and Letten and Foti didn\'t want to prosecute the hand that feeds it. They are obstructing justice and are comitting legilative malpractice. Basically they are alleged criminals for not prosecuting all of this crime, misusing taxpayers dollars, and deceiving the public.\r\n\r\nJim Letten says \"NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.\" However, that does not apply to Jim Letten and Charles Foti, so they think.\r\n\r\nGovernor Blanco is fully aware of the crimes that Letten and Foti are participating in as well as the FBI not fulling their responsibilities and she ignores the issues while she waits for her term to end and walk away with $3 million dollars in her back pocket. What does she care, her house is not destroyed.\r\n\r\nThe corruption in our federal and state government are enough to make anyone sick. No one should move to the State of Louisiana and especially CORPORATE AMERICA. \r\n\r\nIT IS THE FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS THAT ARE COMMITTING FRAUD TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC THAT THEY ARE OBLIGATED TO SERVE.\r\n


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