Do You Know What it Means

Re: Katrina August 29, 2005 Gone are our culture bearers, our traditions, our food, our neighborhoods and too many of our people. My home and neighborhood survived, but the spirit and identity of the city is not yet revived after two years.\r\nThe next morning after the storm I turned on the TV in Baton Rouge to see 68 years of the physical memories of my life float away. And when the looting started, I cried. How had we failed as citizens, to produce such asocial beings. Then the ugliness of our politics; failure of our schools; poverty; ignorance and all other ills were exposed for all to see. Now we know what needs to be done. We can sort what should be saved, and trash what needs to be discarded. It will take we, the people, to do this. Nothing is \"business as usual\" any more. I will go to my grave scrutinizing every political agenda and trying in the years I have left to bring back the Queen of the South, New Orleans.


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