I had just moved to Lacombe from Metairie and thought that it would be safe there. My daughter, Cherie who has Lupus and is a dialysis patient, stayed with me. My other daughter, Nicolle, had evacuated from Meraux with her husband and two sons. My sister Rita and our mother, along with my neice evacuated and drove around all night looking for a place to stay. Although it was a frightening experience, I had many trees down and ten inches of water in my Lacombe house. Luckily, I had a second floor to escape to. In the months following Katrina, with no electricity, I kept a journal that I eventually self published as \"9/18-EBR-ZERO, Hauntings of Katrina\" that is available on Amazon. My daughter in Meraux lost her house. My aunt and uncle lived near the 17th street canal and lost everything. My cousin lived in Chalmette and lost everything along with 13 of her husband\'s relatives. I took many black and white photographs of areas that I could get to, some here and others on my web site, www.saintcharlespress.com.\r\nAfter clearing a way out of my property, I spent weeks driving my daughter to dialysis in Hammond. Over a year later, we are still trying to rebuild our lives.


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