What can we learn from Nagin?


Andre Perry

What can we learn from Nagin?\r\nBy Dr. Andre Perry, Contributing Columnist
January 23, 2006 \r\n\r\nToo often we place the total responsibility of educating our residents on our primary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions. This is an unreasonable assignment given the overall majority of our lives is spent outside of school. We learn from our newspapers, coffee shops, churches, second line parades, and Mardi Gras celebrations. We learn from radio shows, social clubs, neighbors, and racial communities. Every citizen, non-citizen, and institution is part of the learning environment. So when we conceptualize our city as a school, we can then ask, where did Mayor Ray Nagin learn the most controversial aspects of his now infamous MLK holiday speech? More importantly, who or what should be accountable for its content?\r\n


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