The People of the Dome

The People of the Dome\r\n9-4-05\r\nMitchel Cohen\r\n\r\nMy friend Les Evenchick, an independent Green who lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans in a 3-story walkup, reports that 90 percent of the so-called looters are simply grabbing water, food, diapers and medicines, because the federal and state officials have refused to provide these basic necessities.\r\n\r\nLes says that \"it\'s only because of the looters that non-looters -- old people, sick people, small children -- are able to survive.\"\r\n\r\nThose people who stole televisions and large non-emergency items have been SELLING THEM, Les reports (having witnessed several of these \"exchanges\") so that they could get enough money together to leave the area.\r\n\r\nThink about it:\r\n\r\n- People were told to leave, but all the bus stations had closed down the night before and the personnel sent packing.\r\n\r\n- Many people couldn\'t afford tickets anyway.\r\n\r\n- Many people are stranded, and others are refusing to leave their homes, pets, etc. They don\'t have cars.\r\n\r\nYou want people to stop looting? Provide the means for them to eat, and to leave the area.\r\n\r\n<a href=\"\">click to read the rest of the first hand account</a>\r\n


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