Video of ride into St. Bernard Parish

Elizabeth Schexnyder shot this 15 minute video on October 5, 2006 as she accompanied Steven Singerman in search of his missing boat. Delacroix is an Islenos settlement on Bayou Terre-Aux Boeufs in St. Bernard Parish. The area is populated by fishermen and their families.\r\n\r\nImage orientation: Bayou Terre-Aux Boeufs to viewers\' right. Bait shops, boat launches were on the bayou side of the road. On the viewer\'s left was where homes and camps stood. Most, if not all, were elevated 6 to 10 feet above ground level. As the drive progresses, the viewer can see the rubble become less discernible as any kind of structure and boats in varying degree of submersion in Bayou Terre-Aux Boeufs. Bait shops, boat launches, fishing camps and homes all washed away.\r\n\r\nThe tour terminates at a marina aptly named \"End of the World\". As the camera pans the viewer sees an open parking lot tangled with debris where the two story, multi-roomed marina stood before Katrina washed away. A refrigerator sits atop the roof of a boat slip. Nothing left. It did appear to be the end of the world in Delacroix. \r\n\r\nVideo Date: October 5, 2005\r\nLength: Approximately 15 min.\r\nVideographer: Elizabeth Schexnyder\r\nWhere: Video of trip to Delacroix, St. Bernard Parish\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


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