Adams Street Grocery

One of my favorite Po-Boy Shops (don\'t know if it\'s still here) is/was\r\n Adams Street Grocery. The other, now defunct, po-boy shop I liked was\r\n Street Car Sandwiches on S.Carrollton Avenue. These shops some of the\r\n juiciest po-boys I\'d ever eaten. \r\n\r\nDescribe your favorite Sandwich in vivid detail:\r\nMy favorite sandwich was roast beef, dripping with gravy, lettuce,\r\n tomatoes, and mayo. I also liked (and still do) shrimp po-boys, with the\r\n shrimp fried very crispy, and mayo on them.\r\n\r\n What is the Po-Boy origin story you grew up hearing:\r\nProbably the one about these sandwiches originating during the\r\n Depression (or earlier), and sold to workers.\r\n\r\n How far away from NOLA have you encountered Po-Boys (and how bad\r\n were they without authentic New Orleans French bread):\r\nI think the furthest I\'ve gone from NOLA, and had a po-boy, is Pass\r\n Christian, MS, with its Pirates Cove Restaurant. This restaurant uses\r\n french bread (probably authentic New Orleans, with all the ex-pat New\r\n Orleanians living on the MS Gulf Coast), and its sandwiches are pretty good.\r\n \r\n\r\n What\'s the strangest poor boy sandwich you\'ve seen or eaten:


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