Tazz and Troubles being rescued by the Humane Society on Friday, September 9th, 2005

On Sunday, September 4, 2005 the Louisiana State Police came driving down St. Claude Avenue and announced over a loud speaker that everyone had to be out of the city by 5:00 today. I was forced to leave my babies behind with enough food and water to last until I was able to rescue them. Since I was already down to 8 gallons of spring water I was afraid if I stayed any longer the water would be used up (we were drinking about a gallon a day due to the intense heat). Without water they would not have survived very long. With the help of the Humane Society I was able to have them rescued on September 9th and we were reunited in September 10th at the Lamar Dixon Civic Center in Gonzales. When I found them in the last row of rescued animals I felt like I had won the power ball and I did! My cat, Creech ended up at the LSU agricultural center in their triage room as Creech had been accidentally dropped twice in the toxic waters when I attempted to escape New Orleans on Tuesday, August 30th. After I did not find her at Lamar Dixon and it was getting dark, they suggested I try LSU where they were taking any sick animals. My brother made a call and they said a cat matching Creech\'s description was in the triage room. We drove up to Baton Rouge and they were getting ready to close for the night but I produced some very sincere tears and was lead back to the triage room. I saw three cats in the room and although they had calico markings like Creech they were not my baby. I was very depressed and turned to leave when the vet tech there said what about the cat in the carrying case on the floor that I had walked past? As I knelt down first I recognized her collar and her nose and yes it was my Creech! Wow what a day that I will never forget (and I am sure Tazz, Troubles and Creech will also never forget their encounter with Katrina!


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