Mr. Phil, Melon Songs\r\n1. I Love Nachos\r\n2. Floating in a Donut Hole\r\n3. Just Pals\r\n4. Gotta Hole in My Mouth\r\n5. My Dad\r\n6. He Liked You and Me (Song for Martin King)\r\n7. Together (Jefferson Song)\r\n8. Hurry, Here Comes the Hurricane\r\n9. Audubon\r\n10. Adella the Storytella\'\r\n11. Hamlin Town\r\n12. If a Dinosaur was My Friend\r\n13. Together (Instrumental)\r\n14. Jumpin� Ollies\r\n15. Audubon (Instrumental)\r\n16. Louisiana Litter \r\n17. Christmas is Near\r\n\r\nLive Christmas Cabaret, with Phil Melancon, Leah Chase, and Wanda Rouzan\r\n1. We Need a Little Christmas\r\n2. Johnny Marks Medly:\r\n Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer\r\n Holly Jolly Christmas\r\n When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter\r\n Rockin\' Around the Christmas Tree\r\n3. I\'ll be Home for Christmas\r\n4. Merry Christmas, Darling\r\n5. All I Want for Christmas is You\r\n6. I Saw Mommie Kissin Santa Claus\r\n I Saw Mimi Kissin Uncle Claude\r\n Please Christmas Don\'t Be Late\r\n7. The Secret of Christmas\r\n8. Santa Baby\r\n9. My Christmas Song for You\r\n10. Christmas Waltz\r\n Silver Bells\r\n11. Christmas is Near\r\n12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas\r\n13. Please Come Home for Christmas\r\n14. The Christmas Song\r\n15. White Christmas\r\n Blue Christmas\r\n16. Oh Holy Night\r\n17. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!\r\na. Jingle Bells\r\nb. Sleigh Ride\r\n\r\n\"Phil It Again Sam\" Sam Adams and Phil Melancon\r\n1. Together\r\n2. Father of Waters\r\n3. Uptown\r\n4. Rose of Lafayette Square\r\n5. Moonlight on the Industrial Canal\r\n6. Sewerage and Water Board\r\n7. Tulane Ave.\r\n8. Gentilly Babe\r\n9. Riding My Lawn Mower to Work\r\n10. Her Fanny\'s That Way\r\n11. Green Peas\r\n12. Never Put Canaries in Your Pantie Hose\r\n13. The Chiropractic Song\r\n14. Sanctuary\r\n15. How Are Things in Bogalusa\r\n16. Slidell\r\n17. Build Me More Lanes\r\n18. Road to Mandeville\r\n19. Oh Little Town of Mandeville/NO-AL\r\n20. She Had a $1,000,000 Body with a 5 & 10 Cent Face\r\n21. Deep in a Cave\r\n22. I\'m in Love With a Mutant\r\n23. Viagra\r\n24. You\'re Getting to be a Rabbit With Me\r\n25. You Made Me Love You\r\n26. Sideways\r\n27. You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me\r\n28. Buy an Inflatable Doll\r\n29. Pedophilia\r\n30. Mister Clinton\r\n31. Won\'t You Go Home Bill Clinton\r\n32. When You\'re Wiley\r\n33. Too Toot Tutsi\r\n34. We Three Kings\r\n35. Destrehan\r\n36. Harahan\r\n37. Bucktown\r\n38. I Met Her In Metairie\r\n39. Chalmette\r\n40. Marrero\r\n41. Poor Boys Hanging\r\n\r\n\r\nN@ Cole 2000\r\n1. Four / Orange Colored Sky\r\n2. Sweet Lorraine\r\n3. First Baseball Game\r\n4. I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons)\r\n5. Nature Boy\r\n6. Mona Lisa\r\n7. Don\'t Blame Me\r\n8. Straighten Up and Fly Right with Adelia Gauthier\r\n9. I Remember You\r\n10. Everything Happens to Me\r\n11. When I Fall in Love With Dianne Brant\r\n12. Too Marvelous for Words / L-O-V-E\r\n13. Unforgettable\r\n14. Smile Ramblin Rose\r\n15. Star Dust \r\n16. Walkin My Baby Back Home / How High the Moon\r\n\r\nVirtually Live at the Pontchartrain\r\n1. Anne Rice\r\n2. Southern Baptist in New Orleans\r\n3. Cafe Du Monde\r\n4. Rat-A-Tat Symphony\r\n5. Living in the Lower Garden District\r\n6. Black-Eye of the Avenue\r\n7. Sunday Car\r\n8. At the Pontchartrain with You\r\n9. Mile High Pie\r\n10. On the Avenue\r\n11. Sunday Afternoon at the Columbus hotel\r\n12. The Man who Tells the Hurricanes Where to Blow\r\n13. Here in Paradise it Rains\r\n14. Department Store Blues\r\n15. You�re Gonna Moan for Momus\r\n16. I Wanna Job Like Arthur Hardy\r\n17. Down Here\r\n\r\nHurricane Romance\r\n1. Givin Up or Hangin� On\r\n2. Sittin Pretty in the City\r\n3. Stars are out Tonight in New Orleans\r\n4. Lootin in the Mornin, Lootin in the Evenin, Lootin at Suppertime\r\n5. Dancing with Fancy Shoes On\r\n6. Hurricane Romance\r\n7. Our Affair\r\n8. Knockin on Mary\'s Door\r\n9. The Broadwater Blues\r\n10. Down in St. Bernard\r\n11. Death is Painted in Florescent on My Downtown Neighbor\'s Door\r\n12. Diamond of the Spring\r\n13. Playing a Round\r\n\r\nPhil\'s Harmonics\r\n1. Motor to Metairie \r\n2. Fool\'s Paradise\r\n3. Love in the Afternoon\r\n4. Rhythmic Love\r\n5. Speaking in Tongues\r\n6. Opposites\r\n7. Peacocks and Violins\r\n8. Just Antoerh Spring\r\n9. Binary Stars\r\n10. Mr. Tournament Director\r\n11. Mark\'s Boogie\r\n12. Spare Parts\r\n\r\nPhil in the Blank\r\n1. The Wind Rustling Through the Palms\r\n2. O\'Lee and H.B.\r\n3. You\'re Gonna Moan for Momus\r\n4. Esplanade\r\n5. Department Store Blues\r\n6. Autumn in New Orleans\r\n7. You\'ve Got the Power Maxie\r\n8. Elena\r\n9. Summertime, Livin is Steamy\r\n10. Time\r\n11. The Art of Being Retired Well\r\n12. Walk Through Cit Park\r\n\r\nOff the Neutral Ground\r\n1. Eastbank/Westbank\r\n2. Paradise\r\n3. Buddys Tax Plan\r\n4. Cafe Du Monde\r\n5. Spending the Day on the Westbank\r\n6. Jefferson Highway\r\n7. Down Here\r\n8. Off the Neutral Ground \r\n9. Who Invented Sex?\r\n10. Boogie Street\r\n11. Airtools\r\n12. Animal Rights Rag\r\n13. The Stork\r\n14. The Reagan Years\r\n


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