Gustav & Katrina

I am a Katrina survivor who knows first hand what a hurricane is capable of. My husband and I rode out the storm in our home on the lake and fortunately we survived and even though we lost everything we owned we are grateful to be alive. When I saw these photos of Hurricane Gustave it was a very painful reminder of Hurricane Katrina and the damage she caused, both physically and emotionally. Viewing these photos took me back to a place I never ever want to be again; however, it wasn\'t until I saw these photos that I realized I still have not gotten over my ordeal and I am still suffering from the emotional trauma I endured during Hurricane Katrina. I write this confession for all those who still suffer like me from their experience with Hurricane Katrina, and my hope is that one day the horrible memory of August 29, 2005 will fade. Liz Ashe Havrilla


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