From as early in life as I can remember, my family and I have spent every Fourth of July and several weekends of the summer at our camp on the meeting place of Lake Catherine and Lake Pontchartrain. It wasn\'t a palace of any sort, but it was the perfect get-away to us. My step-father was especially attached to the camp since it was passed down to him and his brother from their late father. Adults and children alike had tons of fun doing things such as tubing, kneeboarding, wake boarding, water skiing, catching shrimp and crabs, jumping of the dock again and again into the cool water, and visiting the tiny beach near the train tracks about a mile or two out on the water. During Katrina, the camp was obliterated, and my family, particularly my step-father, was crushed. We immediately thought of rebuilding, but this time, my step-father wanted to make sure the camp would be hurricane-proof. He wasn\'t kidding. The new camp under contruction has military-tight insulation, extra-large concrete-reinforced pillars that require a bolt two times larger in size than normal, and double-paned windows among many other hurricane-proof fixes. It\'s so big it can even be seen from Google Earth! My step-dad didn\'t want my little brother to feel the pain he felt when he saw peices of our camp spewed out across miles of property. My family and I are eagerly awaiting the end of the construction and the making of new memories that can\'t get washed or blown away in a storm.


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