I was a sophomore in high school when Hurricane Katrina hit. Although there are many stories about my time spent in Houston and the rebuilding process, the most memorable was the trip evacuating out of the city on August 28th. We packed up my mom\'s Suburban with all our life\'s treasures and personal belongings and got ready to leave. But before we could leave we had to situate all of our pets in one car. Along with my mom, dad, sister and me, we had our 2 hunting dogs, our cat, and my sister\'s 2 hamsters. Within a few miles of our house our puppy had jumped over the backseat into our laps and we spent the next hour or so calming him down until he could go back into the backseat with our other dog. About halfway into our 16 hour trip we had another pet problem. One of my sister\'s hamster got out of its cage and was crawling around the floorboards of the car. Once we realized he was gone we had a hamster hunt in the car while trying to keep the dogs calm at the same time. I\'m sure I wasn\'t the only one who was relieved that we made it to Houston in one piece.


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