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As a native New Orleanian, people from outside the city often ask me how much New Orleans has recovered from Hurricane Katrina. First, I always explain that most of the city never flooded to begin with. It is true that 80% of Orleans Parish flooded, but Orleans Parish is only one of the nine civil parishes in the Greater New Orleans Area. For example, most of the Westbank of the Mississippi River never flooded, and the business there reopened within days after the storm, as soon as power was restored. \r\n\r\nThis is a photograph of the famous St. Charles Avenue in front of Loyola University. Like the French Quarter and the Riverfront, this is one of the landmark areas of the city that never flooded during the storm. This is the only photograph in this report of a place that did not flood. Now, I was on St. Charles Ave. a few days after landfall, and there was substantial wind damage here. St. Charles Ave. was largely impassible because there were so many fallen oak tree branches. These fallen branches caused extensive damage to the electrical lines for the St. Charles Ave. streetcars, so that the streetcar line remained closed until December of 2007. \r\n\r\nTThis image is part of a series titled Four Years After. To view a pdf version of the entire series, please use the following search term to perform a search within the database: Gentilly-Lakeview. To view all of the individual images, please select this tag: Four Years Later.


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