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These houses are near the corner of Harrison Avenue and Canal Blvd. Every house in this photograph flooded during the storm. But now, most of these houses have been rebuilt are being lived in, as indicated by the cars parked in front of them. There is, however, an empty lot just off camera to the left, where a flooded house once stood. \r\n\r\nThere were many houses in Lakeview and Gentilly that never flooded. These houses were generally near a levee or on top of a ridge, where the land is naturally higher than the land around it. This was what happened in the Lake Vista subdivision of Lakeview. The houses near the levees at Lake Pontchartrain never flooded, while all of the houses near Robert E. Lee did. \r\n\r\n\r\nThis image is part of a series titled Four Years After. To view a pdf version of the entire series, please use the following search term to perform a search within the database: Gentilly-Lakeview. To view all of the individual images, please select this tag: Four Years Later.


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