I am from Baton Rouge and although I was affected by Hurricane Katrina indirectly, the people that I have met since the storm have affected my life directly in a huge way. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We stayed home all day and just camoed out like it was some type of party. My mom and the neighbor across the street walked on the treadmill out in the garage during the middle of the storm just to pass the time. Before long the lights cut off and things just seemed to go down hill from there. Although we were only out of power for maybe 8 hours and were very fortunate, the things we began to see on the television were horrifying. I was only a junior in high school and we returned back to school about a week after the storm. A few days after school let in all of the NOLA kids started rolling in and became offically enrolled in our schools. The first few weeks were miserable. So many fights and riots broke out among the Baton Rouge and New Orleans \"cliques\" and it seemed as though anyone would ever get along. On the positive side I was a member of the Student Government Association and we all banned together and purchased booksacks and school supplies for our New Orleans classmates. Hurricane Katrina did not affect my life physically but I was affected mentally. It taught me to cherish the small things in life such as my family and friends. And that material things are perishable and will one day fade away. Some of the survivors I have met and shared stories with while volunteering at various places have taught me that inner strength can take you a long way as long as you keep the faith. I am greatful for every experience in my life and all I have learned. And I have grown to realize that everything happens for a reason.



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