I was about 4 1/2 months pregnant when I was able to return back to my home after Katrina had hit. Looking out of the car window at everyone else\'s damage on my way home from evacuating in Houston Texas, I did not know what I was coming home to. The damage was so bad that it looked as if the world had ended. None of the businesses were open and there wasn\'t anyone around. Of course, I took before and after pictures of my house and here is one I have came across that was sent to my insurance company. This is my refrigerator after two months of being evacuated. The food was spoiled which left a horrible odor and mold throughout the refrigerator. This picture of my refrigerator reminded me of Katrina all over again because so many refrigerators were on the streets in front of damaged homes or dump areas for many months after Katrina. I am grateful that my house did not flood and my damage was minor compared to others.


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