I evacuated prior to the storm and the levee breaks. I lived in St Benard Parish. after the disaster i returned to Ohio, where i grew up. My problem to this day is that I raised \"My Daughter\", Fathered by another man. I posted her on all the avaiable orginazations, web-sites and any type of mediam helping to reconnect families at that time and still to this day I do so. I have never recieved any information on her one way or another. Not being her Biological father I am unable to submit for dna testing. I am at wits end and do not know whereelse to look. Not knowing anything has taken its toll on me. I dont even know where to obtain a list of names for the confirmed dead or unidentified dead. Any help is welcome. Her name is Delores Ann Metzler, Blond hair, brown eyes, would be 23 years now. Mother is Susan May Metzler, brown eyes and hair,48 trs old. Contact for myslf is mramey12@yahoo.com Please help me find her/them


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