Well, i can vividly remember riding the hurricane out in an apartment building in Kenner, La. My sister and my niece lived in an apartment on the 2nd floor so all of my family decided to go there to ride out the storm. When Hurricane Katrina was passing through i can remember the sounds of a loud train horn, the doors and windows were sealed shut by the force of the winds from the storm and the trees were blown so hard until it looked as if they were about to come up out of the ground. \r\nMy son was so devastated until he began to repeat \"mama i told you we should have left\" over and over again. All i could do was reassure him that we would be alright. My son is still affected by what happened during these times and now we just discuss it at his leisure. When the levees broke, we made the decision to leave Kenner and start driving. We made it as far as Baton Rouge and that\'s where we stayed for the remnants of Katrina and for the whole ordeal from Rita. I can truly say that we are \"Survivors\" anybody who went through Katrina.


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